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Installation. 2019.

In collaboration with Fabian Alejandro Gonzalez.


The material culture of a society is the set of objects used by man and those as part of his daily life. Still life as a minor artistic genre, displaced from the great themes and public spaces, confined to the everyday life and intimacy of a place through staging an illusion of representation. It presents a set of figures whose meaning or significance have been transfigured to reflect on the importance of objects as generators of concepts in the life of man and the ability of these to survive physically only as ideas. This still life, by means of its visual surface, refers us to an event that occurred in another space-time dimension, producing an effect of simultaneity.

The crucial difference in presenting the matrix or reproductive moulds of these still lifes is that we see a record, the rest of the remains. Moulds inherited from my father (when he was studying art), from a time that preceded it, a residual inheritance and an unsustainable utopia in these times when we live in a society suffocated by rubble. The work behaves then as a simulacrum, an action with which one seeks to explore the mechanisms of articulation of appearances and emptiness. 

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