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Video/ 20:00 minutes/Spanish with English subtitles/ 2019.

In collaboration with Fabian Alejandro Gonzalez.


‘’CROMA’’ tells the story of twin brothers whose relationship is indicative of the roles of the dominator and the dominated.. The video narrates the dominator’s imposition of his perceptive reality onto the other through a Virtual Reality experience, immersing the subordinate twin into a simulation where the virtual becomes reality, creating a new context of reference for the ultimate truth. It is imperative to not lose control, no matter the circumstance. However, addicted to being dominated and manipulated, the subordinate allows his power to take over him. His need for guidance and a leader is extreme, even if his perception of the real is disrupted; a reality that, although imposed without the possibility of opinion, is accepted and even desired. These interpretations become more and more credible, blurring the boundaries between the real and truncated reality,  creating an ambiguous boundary unintelligible by both the viewer and the characters. The lines and roles of power become blurred between the two brothers; just as the dominator tries to maintain control without guarantee for total domination. Croma becomes as a metaphor for internal fight to control their own reality.

Questioning the strategies of manipulation of reality established, power is constituted one of the fundamental premises of this piece. Croma explores the notion of virtuality that defines contemporary society today. The use of technological paraphernalia is not purely fiction and the main access point to this concept; It’s possible to understand this context of virtuality, a chaotic and immediate cultural space where, as a suspicion syndrome.

Croma positions viewers amidst a set of  dominated/dominating and oppressed/master Hegelian dichotomies of power relations where one ends up imposing his perception of the real onto the other, generating a cyclical discomfort that results in apathy and inertia from both ends. It is in this space of ambiguity where Croma focuses its attention, creating tension where varied notions of reality and virtuality are disrupted and where, in the last instance, establish seemingly firm references that protect man from descending into further crisis.

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