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Mario Sergio Alvarez

The main interest of Mario Sergio Alvarez, which is a recurring theme in all his artworks, is context. In particular, the way in which it creates political and cultural tensions in society. But also the way in which context shapes the concept of "identity", "nationality" and "home".

Inspired by his own experience, he questions various aspects of these concepts through multidisciplinary art such as video, photography, installations and paintings.

In Cuba, the many political tensions create a chaotic context in which concepts of "truth" and "history" themselves are constantly changing so that the established power can survive. That is why his work usually has a strong political influence, trying to question predetermined concepts of truth.



2019 - Fine Arts. Instituto Superior de Arte (ISA). Havana, Cuba.


2023 - Kunstenaar star by Mondriaan fonds. Amsterdam, Holland.

2022 - Social Aspect bij Derde Wal. Nijmegen,Holland.

2021 - Mentorschapsprogramma by We Like Art and organized by Schakel025. Amsterdam, Holland.

         - Het Talentontwikkelingstraject Interactions by Post- Nijmegen. Nijmegen, Holland.

         - Groeispurt Fonds. Nijmegen, Holland.

2020 - Residency online “Hot Wheelz Festival”. Chicago, U.S.A.

2019 - Norwegian Fund for Cuban Cinema. Norwegian Embassy. Havana, Cuba.

         - Scholarships for the creation of the AHS “ReinodeesteMundo”. Havana,Cuba.

2017 -Residency“Art on Location: Artist, Site and Process”. School of the Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC). Chicago, U.S.A.



2023 - “De Tuin” by Rijnstate. Arnhem, Holland.

2022 -”Brief aan Joris Ivens: De grenzen van mijn Landschap” by Kunstruimte H47. Leeuwarden,Holland.

         - “De Tuin” bij Ruis. Nijmegen, Holland.

2019 - Croma. XIII Biennial of Havana. Cuban Art Factory (FAC). Havana, Cuba.

         - Croma. Cinema 23 y 12. Havana, Cuba.


2023 - " Exodus" by Bijbels Museum. Maarssen, Holland.

2022 - “Social Aspects” by Derde Wal. Nijmegen, Holland.

         -“ Sol en calma” by Kunst nacht in Singular Art Gallery, Nijmegen, Holland.


“Compost (Un)becoming” by Post- Nijmegen. Nijmegen, Holland.

- “Portret”event organized by New Rootz MDT Diversity. Nijmegen, Holland.

- “Affective Storytelling” online film event organized by Oddstream. Nijmegen, Holland.



-“I can see my house from here”. Virtual collective exhibition for ‘Festival Hot Wheelz’. Chicago, U.S.A.

- “Croma” 3rd Asuncion International Biennial – BIA. Paraguay

- “Feral”(senseLab) Gallery Dnasco Studio. Havana,Cuba.



- “Dépayser”, Back from LH. En RESONANCE, 15 Biennale of Lyon. Museum of Contemporary Art of Lyon. France

- “PUZZLE”, review of young art. 2nd Opening. Gallery Workshop Gorría (GTG). Havana, Cuba.

- “13Relatos+1.” Gallery Arte Sano. Havana, Cuba.

- “Indagar lo propio.” XIII Biennial of Havana. Gallery of Fine Arts. Instituto Superior de Arte (ISA). Havana, Cuba.



- “I-T-E-R-A-C-I-O-N”. Gallery Collage. Havana, Cuba.

-“UndNachtwar...” senseLAB_X. Gallery of Fine Arts. Instituto Superior de Arte (ISA). Havana, Cuba.

-“13relatos+1.” Fundation Ludwing of Cuba. Havana, Cuba.

-“Alberto Alejandro Rodríguez, Eliane Adela Padrón, F.M.7.” Gallery Workshop Gorría (GTG). Havana, Cuba.



- Wax Long: “LikeaSturgeon”. Chicago, U.S.A.

- “El yo extinguido”. Gallery Dnasco Studio. Havana, Cuba.

- “SenseLAB”, Gallery of Fine Arts. Instituto Superior de Arte (ISA). Havana, Cuba.

- “Neblina”, Public Intervention. Exhibition ‘Sperma’. Havana, Cuba.

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