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Public intervention (video documentation) / 3:46 minutes / 2017.

In collaboration with Fabian Alejandro Gonzalez.


‘’MIST’’ was a smokescreen created by a fumigation truck that periodically drives for a few minutes around an apartment building, making the visibility of the view for the visitors of the “SPERM” exhibition, from the 8th floor of the apartment, difficult.

‘’SPERM" was a collective exhibition that emerged from the comfort of a family apartment located in Havana, Cuba. It was a close up to the disturbing urban landscape that constantly emanates suspicion and convoluted realities that invaded the private sphere. The Cuban government created new measures and Obama made a failed attempt to reestablish US-Cuba ties. The feeling of suspicion, astonishment and confusion of not knowing what was coming was present in all Cubans at that time.

All proposals by the participating artists happened outside, the apartment did not undergo any transformations. It was only the meeting point for the public, that apart from consuming the works from the balcony or the windows also witnessed the reaction of a less specialized public who were walking down the streets. This action immediately referred to the most common Cuban pastime; contemplation, thus creating a double condition of alternative space.

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