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9 pages for a letter

 Installation /1 letter of 9 pages /9 analog photographs 120mm/ video 10:27 minutes )/2021 


´9 pages for a letter'' is the first piece of a series where I want to record in some way the stories of families with an emigrant past that at some point have influenced my integration as a new immigrant here in Holland. Different stories, different situations such as wars, homophobia, religion, love ... It is the way I found to tell my story, through the stories of these people who are now part of my new story in a different country, with another culture, customs and systems. It is a way of understanding the phenomenon of emigration from the personal and the collective. We are living in a period where social contact is becoming more and more limited or artificial. The human being by nature is a social being and tends to imitate the way or behavior of others to fit in and for their own development. As this contact is so limited, we realize the important role of the family. This series traces an artistic and personal relationship that explores the nature of family, tradition, the outsider, and at all times a powerful will to be part of a new system as

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